Jakaranda Omheinings is a fencing construction company that was established in 1987 and is well known in the Pretoria & Gauteng fencing industry. Our extensive range of fencing varies from the most common type of Wire Fencing, Steel palisade, Concrete palisade, Beta Fencing to high-tech Electric Fencing. We serve our industry by creating fences of outstanding quality, at the best prices.
Jakaranda Fencing prides itself in providing quality fencing products with efficient Service. Our fully trained and experienced Technicians ensure Quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

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Diamond Mesh Fencing

Diamond mesh is a type of metal wire mesh that is usually woven to form what is commonly known as chain link fencing. It is a relatively inexpensive method of creating a partition, and offers strength, durability and flexibility. Also called rhombic wire mesh because of the shape of its gauges, diamond mesh is constructed out of linear wires that are linked together and form a series of diamond-shaped holes. Find out more

Palisade Fencing

A palisade is a steel fence of variable height used as a defensive structure. A common means to prevent crime is for residential houses to have perimeter defenses such as palisade fencing. Typical construction consists of steel bars aligned vertically, with small spacing in between, and sharpened at the top. Find out more

Razor Mesh Fencing

Razor Mesh has been designed as a high security fencing mesh used to protect commercial, industrial and government institutions. The product is virtually impossible to climb or cut with standard tools. The diamond pattern combined with vertical opposing barbs act as an entrapment, yet it still has a neat appearance. Razor Mesh is installed throughout the world at airports, military bases, water reservoirs, warehouses, electrical sub-stations, border fences, oil depots, electrical sub-stations and factories. Find out more

Razor Wire

A type of steel fencing wire constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strand(s). It is used to construct inexpensive fences and is used atop walls surrounding secured property. A person or animal trying to pass through or over barbed wire will suffer discomfort and possibly injury. Find out more

Welded Mesh

The welded wire mesh is a metal wire screen that is made up of low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire. It is available in various sizes and shapes. It is widely used in agricultural, industrial, transportation, horticultural and food procuring sectors. It is also used in mines, gardening, machine protection and other decoration. Weld mesh is the term given to the kind of barrier fencing that is manufactured in square or rectangular mesh from steel wire, welded at each intersection. Find out more

Security Gates & Fences

Both security gates and fencess are both important security features for any home, office or any other property. There is no need for this security feature to be plain, dull or boring. Jakaranda Fencing offers unique gate designs that will add an exceptional look to any property. Find out more

Concrete Palisade Fencing

Concrete palisade fencing offers the advantages of a solid wall which can withstand harsh weathering and wear and tear, with the benefits of a see-through concrete fence that allows for monitoring the perimeter. Find out more

PVC Coated Diamond Mesh

A type of Diamond mesh that is covered with PVC and comes in different colors and sizes.  

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