Palisade Fencing

We manufacture and construct a wide range of palisade fencing systems for the domestic and industrial market,.We Manufacture custom & standard Palisade Fencing, to meet your exact requirements Call Jakaranda Fencing.

Steel Palisade fences are available in a variety of heights for medium to high security installations. They are manufactured in various designs to suite your needs and blend in with existing structures. For enhanced security, Steel Palisade fences may be coupled with a piggyback electric fence along the full height of the fence or even just at the top of the fence.

A palisade is a steel fence of variable height used as a defensive structure. A common means to prevent crime is for residential houses to have perimeter defences such as palisade fencing. Typical construction consisted of steel bars aligned vertically, with small spacing in between, and sharpened at the top.